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Felicia’s She Shed

Updated: Mar 18

Felicia Strother had a lot of collectibles, and she needed a place to keep them. But she didn’t just want a storage shed, she wanted a place to read, enjoy a glass of wine, and listen to classical music — a she shed.

She drives past our retail store on the way home from work every day, and finally one day she decided to stop in after closing time.

“So I just walked around and looked at all the buildings,” says Felicia.  “And I happened to find this building and I walked inside.”

“And just looked around and I was like, ‘This will be perfect for what I want to do!’”

The next time Felicia stopped in, she talked with an Ulrich sales consultant.

“He showed me all around and this is the one that I chose, that I fell in love with. It seems to be big enough to fit everything that I needed to fit in here and all my extra furniture and all my stuff.

She settled on a 14×24 Ulrich Retreat. She likes the porch, which makes it feel more “homey.” So far, she’s added flooring and electricity. Later she hopes to insulate and finish the walls.

“I would recommend Ulrich to anyone who’s looking for an outer building,” she says.

“They were awesome. They were professional. They work with you the whole way from picking out the size of the building, to the trim, to the paint color on the outside, to the roof, and the whole nine yards.

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