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First Home Without the Traditional Mortgage

Updated: Mar 20

Mike and Staci McClammy took an unusual approach to buying their first home. The McClammys didn’t want to frame up a home from scratch, and neither did they want to buy a flimsy mobile home.

Besides taking out a mortgage, what other options does a young couple have? Start with an Ulrich cabin shell.

We delivered the McClammys’ 16 x 52 ft Ulrich Retreat in May. Over the next months, the McClammys lined the walls and ceiling, installed heating and air conditioning, and finished out everything except the kitchen. Six months later, almost to the day, the McClammys moved into their new home.

It’s a budget home with some serious style. The living room’s arched ceiling is finished in rustic corrugated metal and spanned by solid wood beams. The real pine walls feature cowboy paintings and a collection of crosses.

But it’s not just style. It’s very functional too. The oversized hallway doubles as the laundry room. There’s space for a nice sized master bedroom, bath, and study.

The McClammys are very pleased with how the project has turned out so far, and they’ll keep working on it as they have the money. It’s a great example of how a young couple can have a sturdy, pretty, country home of their own without going into lots of debt.

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