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Five ways that having a backyard storage shed can make your life easier

Updated: Mar 20

Ever dreamed of a backyard shed? Maybe you’ve imagined all the things you could do with it –but what you may not have thought about is all the ways that having a backyard storage shed can actually make your life easier.

As you set out on your expedition to find your own storage shed, keep these five things in mind:

Backyard Storage Sheds – Storing your bike Silicon Valley: home to the major internet businesses of the world. But it’s also home to some of the worst traffic. One way people in high tech are avoiding the tolls, traffic and wear-and-tear on their cars that commuting to work can cause is by opting out for a more eco-friendly route.

Bike paths are quite common in Silicon Valley. Step off the ace train in Great America station and chances are you’ll see a long line of bicyclists speeding along the way towards Dell, Malwarebytes, Google, Intuit or one of the other major companies nearby.

With bicycle commuting on the rise, many people are looking for newer and better ways to store their bicycles. The garage may seem like a good idea for storing your bike, but maybe you’re short on space?

Having a personal bike storage shed is a great alternative

And if you are one of the many people who invests in much more expensive bikes, you’ll want to get a shed that has a lock on it. That way you can sleep soundly at night knowing that your bike won’t find its way into the hands of another owner.

Gardening People are starting to realize the helpful benefits of gardening. It’s no longer a hobby for the apron wearing grandma (though grandmas who garden are the coolest of all). Millennials looking for distractions from their hours and hours of screentime are starting to pick up gardening as a hobby.

Having a small garden shed can really help get your gardening under control. Store glass jars in your small garden shed. Keep sees in these jars to keep them healthy and lasting longer. Keeping things organized will also increase the amount of time you have to spend on gardening, once you eliminate all the time you would otherwise spend on searching for your gardening tools.

Craft/hobby Shed

Not enough space in your home? Having a shed for your arts, crafts and hobbies can be a great alternative to your living room table. Sometimes we just can’t afford to make a mess out of the only table we have, or out of our limited floor space.

Having your own hobby shed can also be a great way to disconnect from your day-to-day concerns. Build airplanes with your kids, scrapbook –the options are endless.

The Sports Shed

Work out at the gym? Avid kickboxing fan? Maybe you love to climb? Keep all of your gear stored safely away inside your shed. Keep things tidy with shelves and hangers on the walls. Whatever you do, the best way that you can take advantage of a sports shed is just to have one! Make working out easier by keeping things out of your cluttered closet!

What are some ways that having a shed has made your life easier?

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