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From Cabin Shell to Nail Salon

Updated: Mar 18

Kristi Collard has been a beauty professional for over 35 years. Having worked at a salon for many years, Kristi decided several years ago to start her own nail salon.

The 12×28 ft Ulrich cabin shell used to be her husband Arthur’s shop. After the couple moved to their current home, Arthur no longer needed the building for his shop. So Kristi decided to fix it up as her nail salon.

Kristi spent lots of time on Pinterest, getting ideas for interior design. She had a contractor finish out the interior of the building. One of her favorite parts is the ceiling, a foam tile that looks like the old fashioned stamped metal ceilings. 

She re-finished old furniture herself and bought the equipment she needed for high quality pedicures and manicures.

Her cabin turned salon features a bathroom, a coffee bar, and lots of little touches to make it beautiful and relaxing for her clients. 

She outfitted the little porch with seating for two, where customers can sip a glass of wine before their appointment.

The business venture has been a great success. Kristi has all the business she wants, with 80 clients on the books and more on the waiting list.

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