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From Cabin Shell to Waldorf School

Updated: Mar 18

Clove Hill School is the first official Waldorf school in the area. The Waldorf philosophy is more focused on the child’s personal connection to the teacher, and less obsessed with tests and scores. Lisa Ann Grubbs, Clove Hill’s founder, used to work in the corporate world. About 20 years ago she made the shift to embrace her true passion, which is education.

While much of the learning takes place outdoors, having a comfortable indoor area is essential for Clove Hill’s program. Lisa Ann Grubbs, the founder of Clove Hill, needed a way to build a school building on a moderate budget.

They settled on a 16 x 44 ft Retreat from Ulrich. Its high roofline allows for a more spacious feel inside and a makes for a great looking exterior as well. Its sturdy construction came in handy this year when Clove Hill changed locations, allowing them to move the building to its new home intact.

They finished out the interior of the cabin shell with a cathedral ceiling. It has a front room, a bathroom, full kitchen, and a large main room for group activities.

The Scotts have now purchased several buildings from us.

“We’ve been very pleased with our experience with Ulrich, very pleased. We would highly recommend them,” says Lisa.

In addition to the school’s normal schedule, Clove Hill also hosts several community events, such as the fall Lantern Walk, pictured above.

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