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From Portable Garage To Permanent Garage

Updated: Mar 18

Rick Brewer and his wife Sherry Chaney moved into their home about two years ago. The property had an old storage shed when they bought it, but it was infested with carpenter ants, and the front doors blew off in a storm. Sherry, a retired school teacher, is a stickler for doing things right. Keeping the old shed was definitely out of the question.

A friend recommended Ulrich to Rick and Sherry. The couple looked at our buildings in person and enjoyed working with Steven Lockwood to select the perfect set of buildings. Phase one of the project was to get a small Ulrich Heritage shed to store the lawnmower and other storage items.

Phase 2 was to purchase an Ulrich Workshop. Rick and Sherry didn’t have any plans to move the garage, however, so they decided to make their portable garage a permanent garage and finish it into a relaxation spot and hobby workspace.

They had a contractor pour a concrete foundation, which serves as the floor of the garage. Additionally, the contractor built a concrete ramp for easy access to the garage with a car or motorcycle.

After our on-site crew installed the new garage, the couple hired a contractor to install wiring, insulation, and sheetrock to finish out the building. The result is a flexible, comfortable space for hobbies and relaxation.

Sherry enjoys crafting Pinterest worthy bird feeders, and reading or putting together puzzles. Rick plans to work on restoring his ‘70s motorcycle and old furniture. The “portable” garage is now their permanent happy place, a few short steps from their back porch.

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