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From Shed to Studio

Updated: Mar 19

Ricky Cason loves all kinds of art, from painting to stained glass work, he loves it all.  His current ambition is spinning clay, and he is proving to be very good at it.  Ricky sits at his pottery wheel, sculpting each piece with patience and care.  

A former Art Professor, Ricky, and his wife decided to move away from the city, and high taxes.  They found a quaint 19th century log home on two acres, though it was a bit of a downsize for them, they prefer the space they have on their land.  Ricky called upon Ulrich to provide him with space he needed for his art.  He didn’t even have to travel to a storefront, using our online ordering system, he was able to design his perfect Garden Cottage shed from the comforts of his own home.  Once delivered, he finished out the inside converting it from shed to studio.  

Inside his studio, he can create anything he wants, from designing a new shade for a Tiffany-Style Lamp, to meticulously painting a detailed landscape, to creating a new coffee mug or bowl on his wheel.  His Studio even boasts a recliner, to take breaks from his creativity.  Now that Ricky is retired, he gets to enjoy his crafts even more, and his Ulrich Shed will protect all of the treasures inside that he creates.

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