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Garage Shed Looks Great in Beautiful Backyard

Updated: Mar 18

Mike Shero was running out of garage space. In his search for a permanent garage shed, he found Ulrich Barn Builders. 

He wanted a building with a lot of storage that looked beautiful in his backyard and coordinated with the exterior of his house. Mike visited an Ulrich facility to look at various models of garages. Because of the esthetics of the Craftsman Garage series, he chose a 12×30 Craftsman Garage for its custom features such as the charming outside details. 

The garage was delivered right on time. Mike says, “They placed the garage in the backyard exactly where I wanted it. As far as delivery, unloading, and leveling, it was about two hours to have it on-site and leveled.” 

The Craftsman Garage was delivered to the Sheros’ property as a shell. They had it insulated and added electricity and lots of shelving. They added a Trex decking ramp up to the garage door and covered the foundation with gray stacked stones for a finished look. The garage shed is big enough to store their lawn mower and patio furniture, as well as all the tools, supplies, and equipment needed to maintain their yard and pool. 

Mike says Ulrich Barn Builders was both professional and personable to work with. “Something we’re lacking in our society today is customer service and taking care of the customer,” Mike says. But Ulrich, he says, “is a great company to deal with. They take care of business, and I have nothing but great things to say about them.”

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