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Graphic Designer Loves His Home Office Shed

Updated: Mar 19

Shandon Mullet is a graphic designer. When he started working remotely, he had no space to work in their small home. He ended up working at the kitchen table. While he enjoyed being near his wife and daughter, he needed a home office free of distractions. He decided to purchase a backyard shed.

Knowing Byler Barns’ attention to detail, the Mullets considered no other manufacturer. Byler Barns had a new line of home office sheds, and Shandon loved the first one he saw. The 8×12 shed, beige with green trim, coordinates with their house. With the shed already complete, Shandon only needed to arrange for delivery. 

While they looked at customization, the shed was already perfect for the Mullets’ yard. The backyard office came finished out with built-in climate control and dimmable recessed lighting. 

Within a week of deciding to purchase a Byler home office, the shed was delivered and ready for work. Now Shandon’s commute is a few steps from their deck to his office door. From his desk, he can watch wildlife in a line of trees out one window. Shandon says, “I love it’s filled with light with the windows on both sides.”

Besides the advantage of the short commute, he says, “Having a separate space for me to work definitely increased my productivity level.” Byler Barns offered the perfect solution, Shandon says. “If anyone needs a home office, you can’t beat the value and comfort of these buildings–and they’re so beautiful.”

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