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Great Playhouse Ideas for Your Kids

Updated: Mar 20

Life was fun when we were kids. All we thought about was the next big adventure, fitting in, and having fun. Remember those days?

Well your kids remember those days – they’re living them now! Since they’re young now (and believe me, they won’t be for long) why not give them the best childhood by letting them have a space of their own to play in?

Considering a playhouse shed? There are plenty of reasons to invest in your child’s playtime.

With the increase in screen time, it can be a struggle to get our kids the exercise and interpersonal skills they need.

Today, kids are too quick to opt out of playing with their friends in real life because of the easy access to video games. Meanwhile, they are missing out on the valuable skills that can only be learned from interpersonal exchanges.

Playhouse sheds are able to give your child both the exercise they need as well as the opportunity to socialize with others their own age. Open your playhouse shed up to other parents in the neighborhood. Entertain playdates in an environment that supports growth while keeping your loved ones safe.

If you’re considering a playhouse shed for your kids, check out these great ideas how to make your shed the killer destination for all things play!

The magic-tree house vibe

Why not turn your playhouse into a place for education made fun? Having easy access to books can be a great way to enrich your child’s mind. Children learn through play as much as they do through school!

For this reason, keeping books at the reading level of your children is a great addition to your playhouse shed. Get them in the habit of reading often at an early age. Let them learn the passion of learning while having fun.

Let your kids see their playhouse as a space of discovery! Fill it with mystery, hidden little treasures for them to find, like books, stories, board games meant to challenge them while inviting them to have fun.

The ultimate arts destination

Want to invest an appreciation of beauty in your kids? Turn your playhouse into an art studio. Keep art books around for your children to look at. Let them try their hands at sculpting. Maybe even see what kind of creations that your kid can make out of legos: there’s no reason those can’t be a medium for great creations, too!

The science spot Arts may be forgotten in our school system, but often kids don’t receive the encouragement to pursue math and science through their formative years. There’s plenty of discoveries for your children to find for themselves within the world of science.

Fill your playhouse shed with experiments that your kids can create. There are great electric kits that you can introduce them to, basic experiments in physics. Maybe introduce them to the world of geology! Show them map, teach them geography. There’s so many new things when you are that young!

No matter how you decorate your playhouse shed, the important thing is that your kids have a place to grow and learn, explore and be kids!

Have some great ideas for how you can turn your playhouse into a world of discovery? Let us know know below.

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