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Had to Have the Elite Series Shed

Updated: Mar 19

Bill and Cindy Belote spent a long time looking for the perfect storage shed for their yard. From DIY kits to sheds from big box stores, they had seen it all. “For years we’ve looked,” Cindy says, laughing. 

Bill thought about buying something unfinished and doing the painting and finishing work himself. But with his schedule, he knew that could take years to accomplish. So he wanted to get a storage shed that was completely finished. 

At the Ulrich Barns facility, Bill and Cindy looked at various shed models. Bill chose the 12×14 Elite Gardener shed which has pretty trim details, shutters, and window boxes. “I just like the way this shed looks,” Bill explains. Although he knew the price was higher, he also knew he’d be disappointed if he didn’t buy the shed he actually wanted.

Six inches of rain was dumped the day before the storage shed was to be delivered. Despite that, the Ulrich crew made the delivery on time. “They did a really good job” getting the building on-site, Cindy says. 

Being in the roofing business, Bill hopes to add a cupola someday. But for now, Bill says, “It’s complete. I don’t have to do anything to it.” 

The Belotes added rocks as the skirting and built steps and a ramp. With landscaping beds around the shed and plants in the window boxes, their Elite Gardener shed looks right at home in their backyard.

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