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He Put Flagstone on His Custom Shed

Updated: Jun 14

Brian Macomber’s garage in Fort Worth, Texas was overflowing. He needed a storage shed and was inspired by a guard shack on his commute. He wanted a custom shed that looked like a rustic stone building in Europe. 

Because he already had a concrete slab in place, Brian needed a shed to fit the slab. He turned to Ulrich Barns for a uniquely customized shed, starting with a 10×14 Elite Craftsman. The Ulrich team built it without siding to allow Brian to cap it with stone later. He had a hundred-year-old door, period windows, and an arched window he wanted to use, and Ulrich carefully worked those features into the shed design.  

After his custom shed was built, Brian used Oklahoma flagstone to finish the exterior. With his dad’s advice, he angled the building so it is integrated into the landscape around his pool, with a view out over the water. While he uses the shed only for storage, it could be finished out as a cabana. Eventually Brian plans to add an open, cedar dormer to protect the antique door. He’ll be adding wiring and cabinets as well. 

“I enjoy the look, that it ties in with the pool,” Brian says. It’s “not just a building stuck in the corner.” 

The concrete slab had waited for a number of years, and Brian’s heavy work schedule was keeping him from building a shed. Without Ulrich, he says, “I don’t think I would even have the building up now if I didn’t have them go ahead and give me the structure that I needed to do the stone and continue with the project.”

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