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His Workshop, Her Studio

Updated: Mar 19

David and Donna Key have lived on their place for more than thirty years.  Needing space for their hobbies, they tore down an old storage building so they could replace it with a workshop and painting studio.  

As they shopped for a new building, they found Ulrich Barn Builders. Originally the Keys wanted a 12×20 cabin shell but realized it would not fit in their backyard. They chose a 12×16 Rancher Cabin Shell and are happy with the size. 

They both enjoy rocks, so they surrounded the cabin with a rock patio they laid themselves with rocks from the farm of Donna’s sister. The Keys added many potted plants and a bistro table with an umbrella for a Mediterranean look. 

David says, “I was very impressed with the workmanship and speed” of the crew who built the cabin shell on-site. “They didn’t cut corners, but they kept working, and in about two days it was done. They did a real nice job.” 

The cabin shell was painted with standard Ulrich colors, but it coordinated well with the Keys’ house. They added rock skirting and steps, electricity, and air conditioning so they could use the cabin in all seasons. 

Donna enjoys painting, writing, and reading. She loves that she can work on her hobbies with David nearby. Having worked in construction and the lumber business, David declares he’s got sawdust in his veins. He collects automotive memorabilia, tinkers with old cars, and works with wood. 

In the peace and quiet of their shared space, David and Donna deliberately lose track of time while immersed in their art and wood projects. In a busy world, their he/she shed has become their timeless sanctuary.

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