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How Getting a Shed is like Getting Married

Updated: Mar 20

Buying a storage building is a little getting married.

The big day is coming, and you stress all the details that go with the perfect wedding. You buy the long satin gown and a classy tuxedo with a purple bow tie. You decide on Lemon Herb Chicken Breast and write up the guest list. You get ready for a wedding day that will go down in history. But…

What you’re probably giving less thought to is the fact that after a wedding comes a marriage, and a great marriage takes some maintenance.

Just like a great shed.

Both with marriages and with sheds, being prepared ahead of time goes a long way to preventing unpleasant surprises a few years down the road. Even the best marriages take some work, so you’ll look for a spouse who will work at it with you. Even the best sheds take some work as well; make sure you have a shed builder who will work at it with you.

Storage Building Services

Shed buying wisdom starts by knowing what work your shed will be needing a few years down the road. Before you “tie the knot” with a shed builder, be sure you know what services you’ll need to keep your storage building in top condition in the future.

In the future, your storage building may need….

Replacement parts

You never know when the neighborhood baseball game is going to score a long home run through your shed window. OK–that’s not real likely. But just like your house needs occasional replacement parts, your storage building will, too. You want to be sure that you have access to a good supply of parts for your shed, and that you won’t have to wait until next Christmas to get them. And then take them back, because they were the wrong size . . . You get the picture.

Not all shed companies will be able to get you the replacement parts you need. Be sure to ask whether they stock replacement parts like windows and door latches. (And if your shed company is getting getting you a replacement window anyway, wouldn’t it be fantastic if they would offer to change it for you? If only they had a dedicated service tech….)

Routine maintenance and repair

Most sheds never get a baseball through the window (though some do!). But every storage building sits out in the weather. That’s what they’re designed for. Unfortunately, sitting in the weather puts wear on a shed. Particular areas that need attention include….

  1. Roof. Shingles wear out, so the roof will need replacing periodically. Just how often depends on the quality of the shingles and the severity of the weather in your location. But they will need replacing some time. Good quality metal roofs last considerably longer–30 years or more.

  2. Vinyl. A good quality vinyl siding will last a very long time. But it does get brittle over the years, and a rock caught by your lawnmower can put a hole in it. That’s not a huge deal, but repairing vinyl siding takes some skill and tools.

  3. Paint. Many people like the look of a painted shed, and a painted shed will need repainting. A homeowner can repaint the shed … but for some reason, it just doesn’t always seem to get off the “honey do” list. (See above about marriage maintenance!)

When the roof or paint wear out, you’ll need service. Some shed companies do have dedicated service tech’s who will come out and take care of these service items for you. As you might imagine, they know sheds inside and out, and can make an efficient and professional job out of it. They have parts on hand and the tools to do the job, know what kinds of paint last well, and will repair the roof so it actually doesn’t leak or blow off in the next wind storm.

An old shed of unknown origin, before it was remodeled by a dedicated Ulrich Lifestyle service technician.

The same old shed with new siding, paint, doors, windows–refurbished by a dedicated Ulrich Lifestyle service technician. Great work, Andrew!


Believe it or not, some shed companies do not actually deliver the storage buildings they sell. And you can be certain that when you move, they won’t be moving your shed, either. We get calls every week from people trying to find someone to move their storage building for them. Be sure that you find out whether your shed retailer will be there for you when you need to move your shed.

Wise Buyers Plan Ahead

Granted, companies or box stores who don’t stock parts, who don’t have a qualified service technician, and who don’t move buildings–they can get you a cheaper shed. But those cheaper sheds are likely to need more maintenance, and they’ll need it sooner. And you still won’t have a dedicated service tech to help you.

So before you launch into a planning a wedding or a buying a storage building, be sure to think ahead, and be sure to ask some good questions. Choose your spouse with care. Choose your shed company with care. A bit of investigation now can help you make a great decision that will save you a lot of heartache and frustration in the future.

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