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How Soon Can I Get My New Cabin?

Updated: Mar 18

Finally, you’ve found the land you need for your dream cabin. You’ve contacted us at Ulrich and have taken your tour of our factory to discuss the fine details of your beautifully personalized cabin. You’ve negotiated with our team to ensure that a perfect plan has been developed to meet your budget. You’ve also worked out financing for your brand-new cabin, and you have signed on the dotted line to get a uniquely designed cabin from Ulrich. 

The question you now have in your mind is, “How long will it take for me to get my new cabin?”

While you are eagerly waiting, we’re going to clarify some questions you may have about the length of time it takes to get your cabin delivered to you. 

How Long Will It Take to Get My New Cabin?

Ulrich has a streamlined process that is supported by highly efficient workers and equipment. As a result of this, the usual delivery time for your personalized cabin ranges from 10 to 12 weeks. This schedule starts when you sign the agreement to have the cabin built. 

We have a team of skilled drivers that will do whatever it takes to get your cabin onto your land without causing any damage to your dream cabin. Of course, with all forms of production and logistics, there are things that can delay this process outside of Ulrich’s control and/or the purchaser. In the worst-case scenario, you can expect your cabin to get to you in up to 16 weeks.

I’ve Signed the Dotted Line, What’s Next?

After deciding exactly how you want your cabin to look, you will sign an agreement with us at Ulrich. Following this step, our entire team will have a meeting and review the construction plan. To ensure precision, all departments involved in the development and delivery of your cabin sit in this meeting to give any necessary input. Following this meeting, we will move into production mode and the necessary materials are ordered.  

It’s just as important to us as it is to you that you are kept in the loop every step of the way. We want to ensure the best experience possible by updating our customers at each stage of the building process. 

As soon as the floor system is built, you will be notified and sent photos of the initial stage of building your dream cabin. At a certain phase in the process, you will be invited to visit our factory to review the progress and verify that the cabin is being built to the agreed-upon plan.

Do I Need to Have Water, Sewer, and Electricity in Place Before My Cabin Arrives?

It is not absolutely required that these things are in place before the cabin arrives, however, it is always helpful. If your land requires a septic tank, it’s recommended that you install it after the cabin delivery. The reason why we recommend this is that during the installation of your cabin, there is always a risk of your septic tank getting damaged. Therefore, to help minimize any damage that could occur, it is necessary to get the septic in place after the cabin is delivered.

What Else Does the Ulrich Cabin Crew Do After the Initial Setup Is Complete?

Once we’ve completed the initial setup, some final touches will be done on-site after the cabin is delivered. For example, if your dream cabin features a porch, the porch will be built or completed to your specifications at that time. The on-site crew will also install the skirting on the cabin. 

One thing to consider is that a modular build for a 4- to 5-bedroom cabin usually requires some extra steps, therefore, these cabins typically arrive to you around 80% complete. You can expect the following 20% to be finished on-site. 

Your friends here at Ulrich understand how exciting this once-in-a-lifetime experience is for you. Therefore, we are dedicated to do everything in our power to get the cabin you dreamed of delivered to you as soon as possible with the highest level of customer service. That’s the Ulrich difference.

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