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It’s Not a Garage, it’s an Art Studio

Updated: Mar 18

You know you’re truly immersed in a project when time slips by unnoticed, and stopping to eat is just an annoyance. You’re in the zone.

For artists John Lanier and Tere Goldstein, getting into this deep state of concentration is pretty typical — when they’re in their art studio.

Tere, a passionate professional artist, had worked out of a small upstairs bedroom for 24 years. When her husband John began working on his art in the same room, it was simply too tight. They needed more space.

The couple considered moving to a different property in order to have a great art studio, but they loved their neighborhood and wanted to stay put. So they started thinking about the possibility of building a studio right in their own backyard.

They found Ulrich Garages through an online service, and set an appointment to tour the factory. Working with their Ulrich sales consultant, they began to think about how they could customize a garage into an exceptional art studio. Their Ulrich consultant suggested a taller ceiling and exposed wood beams to make the studio feel more spacious.

With its carefully placed windows, interior lighting, and decorative wood beams, the studio bears little resemblance to a garage. John and Tere love to brew a pot of coffee, turn on some music, and settle into the joyful oblivion of artistic concentration.

You can find examples of Tere’s art here.

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