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It’s Our Happy Place

Updated: Mar 19

Lyndon and Meridell Armour are both artists.  They used several old sheds to store their supplies and tools. Meridell worked on her crafts at a picnic table outside, but it was too hot and dusty most of the year. The pair wanted to have a happy place to work on their hobbies and house projects together.  

Working with Ulrich Barn Builders, they designed a 14×32 Retreat cabin with a porch. The charming green cabin was built onsite. Lyndon was pleased that Ulrich offered installation for the foundation and floor. He says the cabin is built solidly and beautifully. 

The cabin has a porch and a break room with art supplies for their granddaughters. A barn door closes off the work area from the break room to contain paint and sawdust. Meridell and Lyndon each have their own side of the cabin with shelves, workbenches, and cabinets. With the heater and air conditioner in their happy place, the artists are not restricted by the weather. 

They love having enough space to work on their own projects while still being together. Lyndon designs birdhouses and works on projects for their rental houses. Meridell makes mosaics and lights, and enjoys doing art with their granddaughters.  

They just call it the shed, but their Ulrich cabin is important to their family. “Our granddaughters love being out here. It’s a family place. It’s our happy place. Our place to slow down and enjoy life.”

Lyndon says that Ulrich Barn Builders is “one of the few companies where I experienced them taking care of the customer completely. They’ve got it right. I wouldn’t recommend anybody else but Ulrich.”

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