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Keeping Dad Close By

Updated: Mar 19

As you get into late retirement, you need to make some important decisions. What kind of housing can I afford? If I need care, where will I live? Should I choose a nursing home, assisted living community, or move in with my kids so they can keep Dad close? 

About four years ago, Leroyce Burchfield and his wife were in the process of building a new 3000 sq ft home. Before they finished building their home, Leroyce’s wife passed away. 

Now in his eighties and widowed, Leroyce didn’t want a large home to maintain. At the suggestion of his son Larry, they came to our factory to check out our log cabins. Larry and Leroyce liked what they found, and settled on the Bear Lake cabin–our one bedroom model that includes a kitchen, bath, and living area.

They placed the cabin on the same land as the larger home where Leroyce’s son Larry lives. This way Larry can keep his dad close should he need assistance. For Leroyce, it’s a great arrangement that lets him stay close to family. Its privacy without isolation.

Leroyce really likes his cabin, although in retrospect he recognizes that a two bedroom model would be really nice. A little more space would make it easier to keep things organized and tidy.

The living area is where he spends most of his time. He has it outfitted with a giant TV screen, a nice recliner, and a desk for his eschatology research and web browsing.

“I enjoy it,” says Leroyce. “Real nice, real nice.”

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