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Lifelong Carpenter Chooses Ulrich

Updated: Mar 19

Bob Douglass, now in his 70s, has been a lifelong carpenter. Now officially retired, he still has a lot of tools and continues to do renovations on his own properties.

When the couple downsized to their current home, Bob needed a place to keep his tools and supplies organized. Having injured his back some years ago, Bob didn’t want to build the entire shed himself.

The couple visited our store and settled on a 10×14 Cape Cottage. Bob had several windows from an earlier construction project that he wanted to use in the shed, so our on-site crew framed out the openings to the correct size for his windows.

Inside, Bob added electric, insulation, and plywood to the walls. Overhead, his ceiling simply consists of rigid insulation board with a reflective surface. Not only does it help keep the building cooler during the summer, the reflective surface helps increase the light inside the shed.

Having been a lifelong carpenter himself, Bob says, “This is the first time I had anybody build something for me.” He was impressed with the skill, attitude, and preparedness of the Ulrich construction crew. “They knew exactly what they were supposed to do,” he says. “As far as working with Ulrich, I would recommend them to anybody.”

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