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Log Cabin Themed Woodworking Shop

Updated: Mar 19

Fred Gilbert has adopted woodworking as his retirement hobby. As any serious hobbyist knows, having a dedicated space for the hobby is always a wonderful thing. Fred needed a woodworking shop.

His pool takes up most of his backyard, but he had a small space between his home and the neighbors that was just big enough for a small shed.

He initially thought our sales consultant would need to come look at his property in person in order to determine the right size for his workshop. Instead his rep was able to look at his property through Google Maps, helping him choose an 8×16 Heritage shed. The entire order process was completed over the phone and the internet.

After we built his new shed, Fred had the interior of the walls and ceilings insulated with spray foam. He lined it with plywood before adding his final wall coverings. 

His goal was to create a log cabin themed woodworking shop. The result is rustic and cozy. 

To increase his workspace, Fred added a deck to the front of his shed where he can use his saws. 

He makes beautiful wood flags, as well as larger pieces like coffee tables. 

Fred recommends Ulrich because of the quality of our buildings. He’s quite a stickler for quality, which made Ulrich a great choice for his new cabin themed woodworking shop.

Fred hopes to purchase a much larger building from us in the future.

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