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Look at This

Updated: Mar 20

“Look at this” Mike May told his wife, as he shut off all the lights in their Ulrich Cabin. Sitting on their front porch miles away from any city light pollution, a sea of stars covers their 75-acre ranch in Mt. Vernon, TX. A far cry from their city home located just five miles outside of downtown Dallas, they like to get away from the hustle and bustle of Dallas and enjoy life at a slower pace from time to time.

Nearing retirement, Mike, and his wife decided they wanted more use of their acreage in the country. They have owned the land for some twenty years now and finally decided a log cabin would suit their needs. Mike met with Vice President of Cabin Sales Brian Pokrifcsak and decided on a one room all cedar hunting cabin.

Upon walking inside the finished cabin, you are met with the aroma of fresh cedar and leather, as Mike and his wife meticulously decorated the space with cowhides and a leather sleeper-sofa that fits so well in the cabin. You feel right at home in this cozy cabin, tucked up in the woods. We hope Mike and his family will enjoy life at a slower pace in their new log cabin.

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