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Matching Workshop Shed and Storage Shed

Updated: Mar 18

Russ Sikes’ older home lacked closets and work space, but he didn’t want a workshop cluttered with storage. He didn’t want a larger building that would crowd his yard. What he wanted was matching backyard buildings to complement his home exterior. He wanted a clean, well-lighted, flexible workspace, and he wanted a shed only for storage. 

Looking online, he found an Ulrich workshop shed which matched his vision. Right away, he called Ulrich Barns. After a two-hour phone call with Weston Ulrich, Russ realized the two 14×16 Elite Craftsman sheds they’d discussed in detail were exactly what he wanted. 

When his first building was delivered, Russ says, “I was immediately smitten and thoroughly impressed.” The other backyard shed was built onsite.

Situating the two matching Ulrich sheds with a patio between them uses Russ’s backyard area well and creates another room outside his house. For the storage shed, he added sturdy metal shelving.

For the workshop shed, Russ finished the interior with white walls and good lighting, using pine beadboard for the ceiling. His workshop shed is truly a flexible space. He uses it as a workshop, office, art space for grandkids, workout space, and a place for hospitality.

Ulrich Barns “was great to deal with in every respect” and was focused on “actually meeting my needs,” Russ says.

“It’s not just about creating some square footage,” Russ says. “The Ulrich sheds are such nice, airy, open spaces to be in that they’re a pleasure to spend time in.”

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