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New Motorcyle Themed Cabin Park

Updated: Mar 18

Gordon Cook and Jennifer Green have been motorcycle enthusiasts their entire adult lives, so they know a thing or two about where to find the best motorcycle roads. One of those roads is near Pipe Creek, a small town located about an hour northwest of San Antonio.

The couple noticed, however, that there didn’t seem to be any good places to spend the night in this area. So they decided to solve that problem for other bikers with a motorcycle themed cabin and RV park. It’s called Al’s Hideaway, named after Jennifer’s grandfather Albert, who was a WWII Prisoner of War.

The park features six of our Ulrich Log Cabins. Each cabin is 14×20 ft, with a 6 ft covered porch. Inside, the cabins feature king sized beds, a large shower, microwave, and mini-fridge. Each cabin has a large headboard with a unique design. One of the headboards, of course, showcases an image of a motorcycle.

Gordon and Jennifer also built a spacious pavilion for group events. It features an outdoor kitchen area built with reclaimed pallet lumber and burned wood plywood.

Gordon and Jennifer didn’t want their guests to have all the cabin fun, though. The couple purchased our spacious Moose Creek series cabin for their home, as well as our Bear Lake series cabin for Jennifer’s mother. Both cabins are situated on the same property as the cabin park.

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