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Observatory Sheds

Updated: Mar 20

You mean you can build a personal observatory in your own backyard?

You’ve heard about how people are using their sheds for all sorts of things –home offices, playhouses, personal living spaces –but one you haven’t heard of is the personal observatory. It’s a shed that lets you gaze at the stars from the comfort of your own shed.

Do you have something of a sweet tooth for looking up at the stars at night? Always wanted to put that telescope of yours to good use? Then investing in a backyard storage shed/observatory might be the right idea for you.

How do you get a personal observatory shed?

Some people have gone so far as to build their own personal observatory. That being said, you probably don’t want your backyard storage shed to look like something you bought out of the parking lot.

This is great for people who think that their personal observatory is worth the cost of an entire shed. But that doesn’t mean that everyone who might want to gaze at the stars while in their shed needs to build one. There’s no reason that your shed can’t be your storage shed during the day, and your observatory at night. There are plenty of ways to build a quality storage shed that moonlights as an observatory.

Moonlighting as an observatory (pun intended)

So you want to turn your shed into an observatory but you don’t want to loose the purpose that you are already using it for. There’s an easy fix to this.

Add a sunroof I know a guy who owns property in Tahoe. He’s a heating engineer and makes good money. But the way he choose to make use of his property in Tahoe was to use the extra space that him and his wife no longer need and turn it into a rental property. In one of his properties, he has a sky roof above the shower so that you can look outside during the day or night while you shower off. It’s also great because it adds a little more room to the shower so taller people can stand in it without feeling like they are in a Hobbit Hole.

Adding a sunroof to your place isn’t too difficult, and it could make for a great observatory without having to go out and shell out cash for an entire extra shed. You could probably install a sunroof that can open so that when it’s time to look at the stars through a telescope so you don’t have any glass in the way.

What do you think? Any other ways to have a quality roof good for stargazing?

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