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Organize Your Shed Without Breaking the Bank

Updated: Mar 20

Garages and backyard sheds often share the same problem: They become so full of stuff that you lose track of what you have and where to find it. Pat Parson, however, had a different plan.

Pat and Patty Parson needed a small backyard shed. Pat needed a place for his lawn mower and tools, and Patty needed a place for a potting bench and gardening supplies.

They worked with Ulrich sales consultant Steven Lockwood to select the 10×12 ft Byler shed. Although a bit bigger than Pat was originally shopping for, he’s glad they took Steven’s advice and purchased a larger building.

Pat wanted a shed that was neatly organized, mostly using things he already had. He found that buying expensive shelving and fancy brackets weren’t necessary. A little creativity goes a long way when it comes to staying organized.

One of Pat’s keys to a spacious and organized shed is to keep things up off the floor as much as possible. The Christmas decorations are in the loft, and almost everything else is stored flat against the wall.  Even the loft ladder has a super compact design that requires virtually no storage space.

Take a look at the interior pictures. You’ll find some easy and inexpensive ways you can keep your potting shed more organized as well.

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