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Outdoor entertainment tips for your cabin getaway

Updated: Mar 20

When out at the cabin and it’s time for the family and friends to visit, it can be difficult to come up with good ideas about how to entertain them. It’s not like in college when calling up domino’s for pizza was enough. Those times are past and we’re judged by the kind of entertainment we provide.

More than that, we want our family and friends to have a good time. We want to stand out from the typical cabin parties and do something that our guests will remember. So once the rooms are made ready, the beds are all clean and the kitchen is cleared out, it’s time to get things ready on the fun side of it all. These simple tips can help anyone preparing for a weekend entertainment fest at their getaway cabin destination.

Outdoor lighting

Adding lighting to your outdoors is a great way to enhance the entertainment experience. This takes some of the pressure out of entertaining in your indoor living area – it’s no longer the focal point for those looking to engage with you and everyone else.

Adding light fixtures to the outdoors opens up areas that are traditionally retreated from at night. Having charming lighting outside as well as inside will also create extra room so your indoor cabin won’t feel overly packed if you are tight on space, or if there is a particularly large gathering.

Decks can help

This one goes along with the outdoor lighting. People love decks and they love spending time on them. Of course, this isn’t the kind of thing you can prepare for the night before a party, but giving it some forethought can pay off in the long run. It gives you an extra space to host your guests and takes a lot of the pressure out of indoor entertainment. Another plus side for turning your deck into THE entertainment destination is that it’s usually easier to keep your deck clean in the summer than it is your house, since so much living is going on indoors by you and your family.

Outdoor kitchen

More than just having a grill, having an outdoor cooking area or kitchen means investing in counter space and everything you’ll need to entertain your guests with food and drinks. Indoors works well for this too, but space things out and make your night more fun with an outdoor kitchen.

Heaters and snow storage

Cabins can be a great retreat for the winter and a lovely destination for entertaining family and friends during the holidays. But because it is winter, it can be a little difficult to host friends outside and take advantage of your lovely deck and outdoor lighting if it’s below freezing.

Add reliable space heaters to your deck to keep things warm for your family and friends.

Since it’s cold anyways, why not take advantage of the snow? Pile up snow you would normally shovel away just out of reach of your space heaters and store your beverages in a makeshift snow-bar.

The outdoor fireplace

Fireplaces can be as simple or creative as you want. Want something casual and easy? Throw a firepit in the middle of your outdoor hangout spot. Fires can be a great place for conversation to happen. Just make sure you keep an eye on it!

You can also upgrade to a more fancy fireplace if you’d like. There are all kinds of affordable and capable fireplaces around. Just check out the web!

What are some ways you make use of your outdoor space to entertain your family and friends? Let us know!

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