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Party Like a Pro

Updated: Mar 19

When Guy Reeves isn’t working, he likes to have fun!

Guy does his working and playing in three week blocks. As you may have guessed, he works on an offshore drilling ship. When I asked Guy what he does when he’s home, he said he plays. Gatherings with family and friends happen frequently, and Guy likes to fire up the grills and let the good times roll.

Recently, Guy and his wife Kristie decided to downsize. Before, they lived on a two acre property. Now they are in their new home in a suburban neighborhood. But just because they are on a smaller property doesn’t mean they don’t intend to keep enjoying life!

While some people use the backyard shed as a man cave, Guy is opting to convert his garage into a mancave. He needed some storage space, however, so that he can clear out his garage. Not only did he want some storage space, but he wanted a workshop as well. Whether it’s repairing a bar stool with his welder, or making a wooden shelf for his DVD player, Guy likes to keep tools on hand for DIY projects.

So, he started looking for a shed for his backyard. First he did some research online, then he hit the pavement in search of the perfect building. He wanted to find a quality building that would look good in his backyard.

“I want something that’s gonna last,” he said. He wasn’t sure exactly what size he wanted, but with an Ulrich Shed Consultant’s help, he settled on a 12×20 Rancher Cabin Shell. This cabin shell’s design will allow him to put storage items in the dual lofts, and use the main floor as his workshop and tool storage space.

Guy’s new building is 12 ft wide, which is far too large to fit through his backyard gate. To solve that problem, he selected our on-site build option. That way he didn’t have to remove any sections of fence to accommodate delivery.

Essentially, Guy is adding space to his house, by adding a cabin shell in the backyard. It makes a lot of sense when you consider how impractical and expensive a home addition would be. With his new storage space/workshop in place, Guy can empty the garage, convert it into his man cave, and party like a pro!

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