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Pens from Bethlehem Built in His Workshop Shed

Updated: Mar 19

Jeff Mega has an interesting hobby. He uses his lathe to transform blocks of wood into beautiful, real wood pens inside his Ulrich workshop shed.

The wood starts out as a rectangular block. Jeff uses his tools to cut, bore, sand, and shape the wood into nice smooth barrels. The internal components of the pen are glued and pressed into the wood. The end result looks nice and feels good in your hand.

But there’s more to the story. 

Jeff is a spiritual person, and likes producing pens with spiritual meaning. Jeff buys olive wood from Bethlehem, Israel. That’s right, wood from the area where Jesus was born, gets made into a pen in Jeff’s backyard. It’s kind of crazy to hold the pen in your hand and think about the history it represents.

Jeff makes his pens in an Ulrich 8×8 ft Heritage Shed. He bought the building, thinking it would be large enough to house his tools — and it is. But now that he keeps some storage in the building as well, he wishes he would have purchased the next larger size for his workshop shed.

He likes that the venting along the eaves helps keep the building cooler during warm weather. When he’s working in his shed, he can open up both the back window and double doors, allowing for excellent cross ventilation.

Jeff enjoys working with different woods for his pens, as well as baked clay. If you’d like to see more examples of Jeff’s work, visit his website at

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