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Playhouse Made Her ‘Happy on the Inside

Updated: Mar 18

Andrew and Callie Whitwell of Coppell, TX, dreamed for several years about giving their daughters Emerson (7) and Payton (6) the perfect playhouse. They wanted a gift that would get the girls and their friends playing outside and get them off technology. 

Callie searched online for a playhouse and found the 8×10 Premier Hideout at Ulrich Barns. The Hideout was the right size for their yard, and she loved the looks of the front porch. 

The Whitwells appreciated working with their Ulrich salesman Nasar Sailab because of his quick service. He compared options and customized the playhouse, and their experience with him “couldn’t have been better,” Callie reports.

Andrew and Callie wanted the playhouse to be a complete surprise from Santa. Ulrich Barns worked with them to create that memorable moment of amazement and awe for the girls, delivering the playhouse on Christmas Eve. 

Fitting the playhouse into the backyard required taking down then replacing a fence, but the team at Ulrich Barns worked smoothly and carefully, completing the job in less than two hours. 

On Christmas morning, the girls woke their parents early.  Emerson said, “While we were waiting for the cinnamon rolls to bake, I found a note in my stocking. It said something about a gift that was too big to fit under the tree.”  Out in the backyard, the girls found the playhouse.  

“I was so happy on the inside, and I was screaming on the outside. I loved it so much! It smelled like a brand-new home,” Emerson said, her eyes shining. The girls have plans to put a library up in the loft and paint paw prints on the floor. 

Andrew and Callie look forward to watching the girls and their friends enjoying the playhouse for years to come.

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