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Pool Party

Updated: Apr 26

The Scott family’s backyard was your typical suburban backyard. Grass, fence, and a swingset. It wasn’t an eyesore or anything like that, it was just boring. Jason and his wife Shana wanted to spend more time together outside as a family, but there just wasn’t much fun to be had in the backyard.

The Scotts, along with their two children Taylor (9) and Presley (2) have lived in their home for nearly 10 years. But they were hardly spending any time in the backyard as a family. This year, that all changed.

On Valentine’s day, Jason signed the contract for an in-ground pool. They included space for a pergola, outdoor dining, and of course the classic pool chaise lounge chairs. 

What was not in their original plan? A shed.

It turns out, when you’ve got a nice pool, there’s a bunch of stuff that needs to be stored somewhere. So, Jason started looking for a shed that would serve as a pool house. 

Like many of our customers, he began by looking at the big box stores. He wasn’t particularly impressed with the build quality of these generic sheds. Additionally, he realized he needed a customized solution. Jason called several shed companies without success. In Jason’s case, his HOA had stringent height regulations that made it impossible to buy a standard backyard shed. He was almost ready to give up and use a generic building contractor, when he contacted Ulrich Barn Builders.

When Jason called Ulrich Sales Consultant, Weston Ulrich, he got a different response. “He understood what we were trying to do in the backyard,” says Jason. “No matter what I was throwing at him, the answer was yes.” While there were challenges to overcome in terms of electrical and roof pitch, Weston suggested workarounds that made sense and allowed the project to move forward. 

The Scotts did a great job of fixing up the interior of the shed with a nautical / beach theme. It includes a fridge for cold drinks, a bench with hidden storage, and lockers for their kid’s friend’s stuff when they come over to swim.

The project has been a huge success. “We’re eating meals outside,” says Jason. We’re in the pool almost every single day. You instantly have more friends,” he joked. “We’re just having a great time…and the shed is a part of that.”

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