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Pool Shed is Great for Making Memories with His Kids

Updated: Mar 18

Dave Reilly from Midlothian, Virginia had a pool and wanted a pool shed. Since he didn’t want to build it, Dave researched shed companies far and wide. He only found cookie-cutter sheds, until he saw a two-story shed with a long dormer on Ulrich Lifestyles’s website.

When he met with the design team at Ulrich, “they obliged every little change that I wanted,” Dave says. He added a large porch and bigger, insulated windows. The cedar-lined interior gives the pool shed a woodsy feel. The Ulrich team asked, “What else do you want?” and to each of Dave’s requests, they answered, “We can do it. We can do it!” They also matched the exterior siding, color, and trim details of the backyard pool shed to his house. 

There were no delays with Ulrich’s construction team in the building process. “They were always here when they said they would be,” Dave says. He was really happy with the completed pool shed. “It was easier for me doing the finish work because everything was square and properly done like it would be in a house.”

The Reilly family has built so many memories in their backyard pool and pool shed, swimming and watching games with friends and family. Instead of his children being away a lot, Dave wants to build memories with his children and their friends at his place and be part of their fun. His advice about getting a beautiful Ulrich Barns shed for your backyard? He says, “Do it if you can because it adds value to memories, to your life.”

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