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Pretty Storage Shed for Garden Center

Updated: Mar 19

Scotty Rigsby runs Rigsby’s Garden Center and Silverado Lawn and Landscaping from 16 acres. The property has an old farmhouse, big oaks, and a creek running through. Scotty needed storage for tables, chairs, and décor for events and was renting three storage units a mile away. He wanted storage on-site that would last for a long time. 

Scotty first saw an Ulrich building at the Stock Show and Rodeo and was impressed by how well made the buildings were. Ten years later, when he needed storage for his business, Ulrich Barn Builders was the only place he looked. 

He chose a 14×32 Elite Portable Garage because of the charming exterior of the building. Since Scotty didn’t need a garage door, his sales consultant exchanged the garage door for double doors on the side, adding a loft on each end for increased storage space. Together they matched the exterior colors to Scotty’s farmhouse, adding window boxes and a cupola to make the storage building even prettier. 

His sales consultant quickly worked out financing details for the building. Now instead of throwing money away on rent for three inconveniently located storage units, Scotty pays the same amount each month for a beautiful, sturdy building right on his property, a building he will eventually own out-right.  

Ulrich’s customer service didn’t end at installation. About six months after the building was delivered, the ground settled, shifting the ramp so the doors wouldn’t open easily. After one call to Ulrich, they sent a crew back out to lower the ramp and relevel the building.

“The product, the process, and the quality have been phenomenal,” Scotty says. “My experience working with Ulrich mirrored the quality of the product.”

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