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Retirement, Here We Come!

Updated: Mar 19

Joe and Kim, near retirement, decided to hunt for a better-suited property for themselves. While they haven’t reached retirement yet, they wanted to take advantage of the current housing market. Their goal was to both downsize and live in a more rural area.

Finally, they found a property that they fell in love with. Being a semi-rural property, Kim can keep her horses only a few miles down the road. Being a little further from the Metroplex is not a problem.  Joe works for the FAA and is able to work from home a few days a week.

At their new property, Joe wanted a workshop where he will be able to work on his motorcycle, four-wheeler, and lawn-mower, as well as his woodworking projects. Having to hang his tools on the wall of his previous garage, he was ready for something better, an Ulrich storage shed.

After contacting Ulrich, he chose the 16×24 Texan. The loft provides plenty of storage space and allows him to keep the workspace below, roomy and organized. Additionally, he loved that the design of the shed didn’t dwarf his backyard.

His lawn mower and ATV occupy the back section of the shed, and his tools neatly organized in the front. He added a step by the front-facing doors to allow easy foot access and placed a cedar ramp in the back for his ATV and mower.

Joe was immediately impressed with the quality Ulrich offered, after shopping first at some of the large home improvement stores. He was surprised to discover that a comparable building from Ulrich actually cost less than it would have from a big box store.

An Internet Sales Consultant at Ulrich, partnered with them to design their dream storage shed. After placing the order, Joe and Kim are extremely pleased with their new property, and Ulrich shed!

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