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Seaside Resort Themed Cabin Shell

Updated: Mar 18

Robert Mertz is an entrepreneur with a group of six commercial buildings. He wanted to add a building for storage, but he had two special requirements.

First, it needed to be a very large storage shed.

Secondly, he wanted it to fit in aesthetically with the other buildings on his campus. His office buildings all showcase a seaside resort theme, and he wanted a storage building that blend in well with the theme (and not look like a storage shed).

After doing some online research, he found Ulrich and spoke with sales consultant Steven Lockwood about his needs. Steven immediately began drawing up the plans for Robert’s building: The Rancher, 12 ft wide and 60 ft long, with two lofts, and four large windows.

Robert placed his order immediately.

A few weeks later, our construction crew arrived at Robert’s business park. In three days, the 720 square foot custom storage shed was complete. Later, Robert added shutters and painted the door green to finish the look.

The cabin shell now provides space for the storage items from Robert’s construction and cabinetry businesses. He loves the way it fits in with his other buildings.

Robert was very impressed with sales consultant Steven Lockwood:

“I couldn’t have asked for more. He was competent beyond belief. Considerate, friendly, but capable. I mean, he was just so capable.”

I would recommend Ulrich to anybody,” says Robert. “It’s rare that you have such a seamless, flawless execution in such a timely manner and of the quality that’s promised.”

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