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Self Improvement: How sheds help us get organized

Updated: Mar 20

You’ve probably heard a lot of reasons to order that shed – for your personal space, or because it’s a good way to store things. But what you may not have realized is that having a shed can also help improve your lifestyle.

Really? Sheds can do all that? Studies say so.

For homeowners, staying organized can be difficult. Especially as our kids grow up, or as we acquire gifts and new hobbies: there’s just not enough space for our lives.

Backyard storage sheds can help

Backyard storage sheds can benefit your relationships and health because they are an easy way to get organized. Studies show that staying organized can have a major impact on the wellbeing of your life. When there is clutter around us, our brains get cluttered, too. Likewise, when our brains are cluttered, our lives get unfocused. We lose track of the important things.

Building that new shed can be a great first step towards inner and exterior organization.

Staying organized helps you relax

Having a cluttered home can be debilitating to come back to after a long day. According to this study conducted by the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, women who came home to houses filled with clutter were significantly less happy than those who described their homes as restful and happy.

Use your storage shed to keep your home more tidy. Store your garden tools, power tools, accessories –whatever it is that’s cluttering up your home–inside your new shed.

People who are organized stay healthy Studies also show that staying organized will help you commit to making better, healthier decisions. People who work at an uncluttered work station are much more likely to choose health food over comfort food.

This is also true for people who have good organization skills when it comes to making routines, or organizing their thoughts, days, and weeks. People who have a regular, exercise routine planned are much more likely to stick with it than people who exercise on a whim.

Having a shed to keep all of your exercise equipment in can also help. Keeping a neat and orderly shed with your workout gear easily accessible can be hugely encouraging for when it comes time to hit that workout.

Organization helps relationships

Allowing clutter to amass in your home can also be a burden on your relationships. Having too much clutter can make you ashamed to invite guests over. This can lead to negative influences over your relationships with others. It can also be a source of stress for you and your spouse or family, and can detract from the time you spend with them. If you are always looking for the things you’ve lost, how are you supposed to carve out a little one-on-one time with your significant other?


Having an organized work space is also proven to increase productivity. Having too many things around can feel burdensome –there comes a point when clutter starts to consume your mind, making it much less likely that you’ll be able to follow through with projects on time.

If you struggle getting things done around the house, think about investing in a shed you can use as a home office. This way you can have a place to be productive where you won’t be distracted by all the wonderful things that come with a vibrant home life.

Bed time made better

According to this survey, people who put more effort into keeping their bedrooms and bed clean are significantly more likely to sleep better at night. Staying organized with your priorities and keeping up with your tasks also leads to a better night’s sleep. That way you won’t bring last minute work into the bedroom with you.

A shed can be a great tool for anyone trying to add a bit of organization into their lives. Check out all the ways people are getting creative with their sheds for ideas on how to make the most out of yours.

How does your shed help keep your life organized?

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