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She Shed for Stained Glass Artists

Updated: Mar 19

Janiece Cox has enjoyed creating stained glass as a hobby for over 20 years. Several years ago, she decided to move in with her son Ken Poynter and his wife Rosemary in their spacious home in Double Oak, TX.

Rather than dedicating a bedroom to the hobby, Janiece began shopping for a backyard shed she could convert into a studio.

She was quite particular. She didn’t want a something that would look like a generic storage shed, but something truly fitting for a she shed.

As she researched online, she found our Elite Craftsman.

“There was nothing out there comparable in style,” says Janiece.

Ken, Rosemary, and Janiece settled on our 12×16 ft model. This gave them enough space to line the sides with cabinets and countertops, while still allowing for a movable center island.

After another contractor poured a concrete pad, our Ulrich on-site crew built the structure. Then another contractor finished out the interior and added guttering to the exterior.

The finished result is really nice. Positioned close to the pool, it adds interest to the backyard and enhances the value of the Poynter’s property.

Rosemary has taken up the stained glass hobby as well. It’s actually more than a hobby now, it’s also a fledgling business called She Shed Glass.

Janiece and Rosemary design and produce a variety of stained glass art, including panels, stepping stones, and ornaments. Ken pours the concrete molds for the stained glass benches.

Janice and the Poynters report a great experience with Ulrich.

“It was seamless,” says Rosemary.

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