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She Shed: the New, Improved, and Better-Smelling Man Cave

Updated: Mar 20

Most people think about buying a storage building because they have a lawn mower that needs a home, or because their garage no longer houses even the front end of their car, or because they have more children than bedrooms and two kids is just too much personality for one bedroom. (True story, and much less cruel than it sounds. I grew up in an Ulrich Lifestyle building.)

She Shed Trend

But a new trend for storage building use is the “she shed,” the clean and beautiful version of a man cave. These she sheds can be used for a variety of things; the general idea is that the shed is a getaway or private space, a place for things that you don’t have room to properly enjoy in your house, a shed for projects you just can’t do with twenty helpful sticky little fingers involved, or a space for that elusive five minutes of peace and quiet.

Maybe your craft space is the dining room table, and more often than not your half-finished DIY Mason jar soap dispenser has to give up its place to bowls and spoons and spaghetti before you ever get to the gluing part.

Maybe you sit down to read a book, and before you can get through a paragraph of the novel you’ve been waiting a month to read it is speedily replaced with a well-worn copy of Green Eggs and Ham.

Maybe you used to play trombone, and now your only free time is during nap time, and everyone knows sleeping babies and trombones just don’t mix.

Maybe you need your own adult coloring book (love this one or this one) and your own colored pencils, all in one piece and all sharpened to a fine point and a place where you can color the whole picture, all by yourself, no help.

Maybe you work from home and your “professional” business calls are always peppered with “Moooooom! Mama, Mom, Mommy, Mooooom” in six different tones and volumes.

Maybe you just need a place of quiet and retreat, a place where you can go and leave behind your to-do list and your constantly buzzing phone and your never-ending obligations, even for just a few minutes.

A she shed can be the place that solves any of these problems, or it can be whatever you need it to be: an office; a craft room; an extra couch or daybed for some serious napping; a room with a comfy chair and a fireplace and a secret stash of chocolate bars and a stack of books you’ve been wanting to read for years ; a table and circle of chairs and mini-fridge for some long-overdue catch up time with old friends.

And the best part? Your she shed is YOUR space, and you can decorate it just like you want. No catering to your husband’s trophy deer head or the massive pig head cookie jar your grandmother sent you last year. This she shed is yours; how it looks, how it functions is up to you. The options are endless; the decisions all yours.

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