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Shed is a Goat Barn for Aspiring Homesteaders

Updated: Mar 19

John and Sherry are aspiring homesteaders with a small goat herd. Their goal is to be highly self-sufficient by the time John retires.

The couple began raising goats because they are one of the easiest farm animals to care for. After one of the young kids escaped the pen and consequently died, John and Sherry decided it was time to invest in a goat barn where they could provide great care for the newborn kids.

They worked with an Ulrich sales consultant at our store to customize the building to their needs. They wanted a building that would give their property a farm-like look and would be tough enough to withstand their goat’s antics.

They settled on a red 10×16 Texan Barn. Custom features included a four-foot single door at the back of the barn, transom light windows, and additional loft space above.

John then added wiring for a cooling fan and installed security cameras to allow the couple to monitor the main herd at all times from their phones.

Our credit based financing option was a great fit for John and Sherry, and they loved the no-pressure sales experience of purchasing their goat barn.

John also really appreciated our delivery driver’s attitude, despite the challenging fit. “He did everything it took to get it exactly where I wanted it,” says John.

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