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Shed Turned Art Studio

Updated: Mar 19

When Lorrie Pitts was introduced to acrylic pour art, she found a new hobby which took over her kitchen table. This art form gets messy and needs several days to dry, so the mess stayed out for several days at a time.  

Lorrie visited Ulrich Barn Builders with a friend who was looking at a cabin. She liked the friendly people at Ulrich and the solid craftsmanship of the buildings. When she was ready to purchase a building for an art studio, she told her husband, “Ulrich is a good company, so let’s just go out there.”

An Ulrich Barns sales associate showed them a variety of options to help the Pitts find the right price point. They chose a 12×16 Heritage shed, adding three windows to the design so Lorrie could have plenty of natural light. Lorrie chose a cabin big enough so she could invite friends or family over to do art together.

Supplies were delivered to their home, and the shed was built on-site in two days, “which we were impressed with,” Lorrie said.

After electricity was added, Lorrie’s husband Pat added vinyl flooring for ease of clean up, then sheet rocked the walls. Together they painted the interior a light lavender so the cabin would feel relaxing and soothing.

“I love working in the building because it’s my own space,” Lorrie said. Now she is able to do art, go do other things, and come back to her artwork without needing to clean up each time. “It’s very peaceful out here,” she said.

Lorrie and Pat are pleased with the quality of the building. Lorrie says, “From beginning to end, our experience with Ulrich was really nice. I would recommend them to anybody.”

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