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Sheriff Retires to 14×36 Man-Cave Off the Grid

Updated: Mar 20

14×36 Man-Cave — A retreat for a “hair-ied” former sheriff

Former Sheriff Paul Hensley has retired off the beat and off the grid. After 31 years of working as a sheriff in rural Virginia, Sheriff Hensley has made his home in a man-cave. And he’s even sprouted his beard celebrating his move away from “normal” to “natural.”

Paul’s daughter is living in his log house not too far away. But Paul likes to call this 14×36 man-cave from Byler Barns & Backyards his home. He designed and had it built in the fall of 2015, and is now one year into living there. It’s made of pine board and batten, with insulated windows and doors.

The walls aren’t insulated yet — that’s still coming. He plans to insulate the building, and then line it with native wood from trees off his home place. He’ll be using a variety–oak, hickory, pine, and maple–to give the interior an artistic touch.

He heats his man-cave with a wood stove. Even with uninsulated walls, he can still get his home cooking to 80 degrees in the winter with his little stove. And speaking of cooking — he does that as well on his stove.

In the video below, you can see the interior of Paul’s man-cave, and listen to Paul talk about it.

14×36 Man-Cave Photos

Out back, where Paul and his cat love to be.

14x36 Pine Board & Batten Man-Cave

The front view of the 14×36 man-cave, home to Paul Hensley.

14x36 Pine Board & Batten Man-Cave

An inside view from the double-doors end of this 14×36 rustic home.

14x36 Pine Board & Batten Man-Cave

Paul explains how his cooking and heating stove works. He also uses a propane camping stove for cooking.

His tractor sits outside for helping him split firewood.

14x36 Pine Board & Batten Man-Cave

This 14×36 man-cave is home to some other creatures, as well.

14x36 Pine Board & Batten Man-Cave

Paul’s cat–a vital part of his man-cave existence.

Looking for a retreat of your own? We’re here to help!

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