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Simply Great Little Workshop

Updated: Mar 18

John and Charlotte Wood didn’t want an enormous shed filling up their backyard. All they wanted was a small space, just big enough for both of them to have a few tools, some shelving, and a work surface for their hobbies.

Charlotte’s hobby is creating art with gourds. John’s hobby? Cars. Now that he’s finished restoring his award winning Ford Galaxie 500, he enjoys working with model cars.

So just how can small can you go, and still have enough space for two people to work? John and Charlotte settled on an 8×12 ft Ulrich Heritage. With the Premier series shed only costing a little bit more than our base version, it was an easy decision to upgrade.

The Woods have no intention of transforming the inside into an elaborate “she shed.” Their vision is all about function and utility. In addition to two windows for cross ventilation, the Wood’s shed features eave and ridge vents. Charlotte was originally skeptical about the effectiveness of the vents. “That [venting] helps too,” she says. “I didn’t think it would, but it does.”

The couple enjoyed working with the sales staff at one of our retail locations. They were also pleased with the crew that came to build the shed in their backyard. “The people that came out to build it were very nice, very cordial,” says John,  “They did everything just exactly to my specifications.”

While we’re always happy to provide big sheds for our customers, John and Charlotte’s story goes to prove that bigger isn’t always better. Sometimes small and simple is perfect.

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