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Small garden ideas –the not-so definitive list for limited space

Updated: Mar 20

Nice big yards are great for planting luscious gardens, great verandas of floral wonderlands. But many of us don’t have wide open ranges. But just because we may not have great expanses of land to plant on doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t garden. In fact, there are plenty of great ways to garden in limited space.

Having a private garden even when there is limited space can be a very rewarding activity. Taking time out of the day to get down to the earth, get a little dirty, has great benefits for your health. Planting one a day keeps the doctor away!

But when there is limited space, it can be easy to get discouraged and look for other activities. Some of the prettiest gardens are in the midst of cities. There’s no reason why you can’t also have your own botanical paradise, despite the fact that you only have one small, limited space.

Though limited space may not be as much of a problem in Texas as it is in other places around the country, there still may be times that you don’t have as much space as you’d like. City dwellers are much more likely to find this advice helpful than hardcore, country enthusiasts.

But gardens can grow anywhere!

Unexpected places to garden: planting in the driveway Have a free strip in your driveway? When you are limited on space but still want to have your favorite flowers and plants nearby to brighten up your day, try this. Find a spot in your driveway that could accommodate a few plants.

Flowers between pavers

Planting between pavers. Have a small backyard but want to take advantage of every bit of space? Planting some of your favorite flowers between the cracks in your pavers can be a great way to take advantage of the space that you have.

The not-so-typical roof garden Imagine how great it would be to plant an entire garden on the roof of your home! Planting on the roof may limit the kinds of plants you can use on your roof. But it can be a great way to keep a garden when space is limited

Planters on the patio A friend of mine has this adorable little one-bedroom cottage. He and his wife may not have the biggest backyard, but they put it to good use! The way they keep a garden in this limited space is by placing planters throughout the concrete space. You should see the creative colors they have throughout their small garden space.

And just because space is limited doesn’t mean you can’t make use of storage! My friend keeps a small garden shed on the very edge of his miniature patio. This is a great place that he and his wife keep their gardening tools, watering cans etc. in.

Stay creative

There really isn’t a limit to where you can plant your favorite flowers, trees, vines and beyond! Plant in a wall, on a chair, on a table –it’s a great way to keep your little space filled with the wonder of nature!

Struggling to stay organized? Get a small garden shed to keep your seeds in. Maybe even a small greenhouse is the right option for you!

For more creative ways to take of your little garden, check out this list.

What are some ways you’ve gotten creative with your gardening?

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