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Small Garden Sheds and Superplants

Updated: Mar 20

Amidst the storage buildings in Texas, you will also find growing an assortment of plants and wildlife. These birds and plants have found their way into the homes, gardens, and growing around storage buildings in Texas because they alone have the durability to be named the super plants of Texas.

Plants in Texas must be able to withstand the changes in temperature and unique climate in order to really thrive. Whether growing in vast fields, or in private yards next to a small garden shed, these plants have made a name for themselves as survivors.

Perennial Plants for the Texas landscape

Perennial plants are those that grow from the same stem stock year to year. They are perennial because no matter the climate, no matter what happens, they will remain year after year in your garden to delight and charm you with their colors and fragrances.

Some local favorites are the Yarrow, the Oxblood Lily, Hickley’s columbine, the German Red Carnation, Hardy Argeratum…and more.

Small garden sheds and plants of texas

We could go on and on about the wonderful super plants of Texas. They are part of Texas’s landscape. But not only are they a part of the Texan landscape, they are particularly precious to the gardeners, farmers and lovers of nature who live alongside these plants from the day to day.

The gardener’s retreat –small garden sheds

While there are all kinds of great garden shed designs and ideas out there, none of them will matter as much to you as your own unique garden shed does. You already have your small garden shed –you’re just looking for how to keep up with all the plants that you’ve grown around your garden.

Optimizing your storage space

Seeking more space in your small garden shed? Firstly, you’ll want a walk in space for your small garden shed. This will allow you full vision of your tools and equipment, which is important when you are in the midst of gardening. Sometimes you’ll need just one, exact tool, seed or plant. It can be a pain to search through upturned boxes and piles of unsorted matter.

Keep a tool rack on the wall for your commonly used tools. Shovels, rakes and other planting necessities should go on this rack so that you won’t have to stumble around them to get to the really fun stuff. Glass storage containers for seeds

Keeping seeds in glass jars is a fun and effective way to keep your seeds healthy. Keep them on storage shelves in your small garden shed so they remain safe and out of the way. Maybe decorate them with lights during the late summer months and enjoy a lit night on your patio!

Perennial super plants and small garden sheds make a great combo. Enjoy your gardening and shed experience this summer and share what plants you like to garden, and how you like to keep your small garden shed organized!

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