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Sports Shed Ideas

Updated: Mar 20

Below is a list of creative ways that you could make use of your outdoor shed. Some of these ideas have been tested, but they’re more just creative concept ideas. Feel free to try them out yourself!

Personal Boxing Gym I’m a big kickboxing fan. How cool would it be to turn your backyard storage shed into a fully equipped boxing gym? It might be just big enough to put pads up along the wall and get some good boxing in. Keep the gym open and empty except for your boxing gear. I’d hang a punching bag from the ceiling in the middle of the room and take it down when I needed more space to stretch and spar.

Indoor Putting Green

If you have enough space for a storage structure chances are you could probably put a putting green in your backyard as well. But if you are a frequent golfer, you are going to need somewhere to store you golfing stuff. And I’m guessing the garage is a bit frequented to make sure your golf clubs stay safe and in order.

In addition to storing your putting gear in a pro, golf storage shed, how cool would it be to add a small putting green to your shed? Add a putting machine so that you can have hours of putting practice without being distracted.

The Ultimate Gym

You’ll need a decent amount of space to do this one, but imagine all the time and money you would save by having your own personal workout space? Plenty of people try using their garage as a workout space, but let’s be honest – how often does that work out for you? The garage gets filled easily and people come and go. Having your own storage structure can’t be beaten by a garage.

You’ll want to make sure that the floor of your shed is strong enough to handle weights. Look into ways and alternatives to make sure that this is a reality. You’ll also want plenty of ventilation so that your workout routine doesn’t get beaten by the weather!

The Ping Pong Shed Okay so this may not be a revolutionary concept. But how cool would it be to have a hangout spot in your shed where you and your buddies can get together and play a few games of ping pong together? There’s really nothing that difficult with this one. Just get a shed big enough for a full sized game table and you’ll be good to go.

Of course, along with this comes a few other sporting options – a billiards table would be a good fit for someone more into hitting cue balls than ping pong balls. Or you could just get a poker table. A guys night out they say is an important ingredient to any lifestyle.

Any other cool sports shed ideas you might have? Share them below!

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