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Stealth Suburban Garage

Updated: Mar 19

Many of our clients like for their new suburban garage to match the look and profile of their home. Mike McGough is no exception. In fact, a casual passerby might not even think his new garage is anything but a part of his original home.

Mike’s home is in a suburban neighborhood. Rather than build a distinctly separate garage or shed in the backyard, Mike opted to simply extend his current garage, with only a breezeway separating the old and new sections.

The garage is about 20 ft deep and 17 ½ ft wide, plus the 5 ft breezeway.

The brick on Mike’s home is a unique, lightweight Chicago style brick manufactured in Mexico. Ulrich’s construction supervisor was able to locate the same type of brick, making the new garage an incredibly close match to the old.

We poured a thick, 6 inch concrete slab, giving Mike the option of installing a car lift in the future. 

We installed two garage doors, one facing the street and one facing his backyard. That way, when Mike is working on a woodworking project, he can have a garage door open without exposing all his tools to people on the street who might be a little too interested.

Mike is installing mineral wool insulation himself, and will eventually add electricity.

Overall, Mike had a good experience with the Ulrich team, and is proud of his new, site built suburban garage. His next door neighbor approves of it too!

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