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Storage Shed Creates Space in Their Garage

Updated: Mar 18

Mike Lackey’s garage in Blum, Texas was too full. With all their tools and mowers in one stall of the garage, one car was left outside in the weather. The Lackeys chose to invest in a storage shed to protect the car as well as make a good space to organize their tools and mowers.

Mike shopped online for a shed, looking at cost and proximity. Having seen videos from Ulrich Barns, they visited the Cleburne location to see inside the storage sheds. Mike was impressed by Ulrich’s 2×6 construction, sturdy floors, and heavy-duty door hardware. 

The Lackeys chose a 14×28 Premier Gable Cabin Shell, customizing it with taller walls and shed doors on the side. To maximize storage space, they chose to have only two gable windows. They chose metal instead of shingles for a seamless roof. The ceiling is high enough to hang up bikes. 

They enjoyed visiting the factory when their shed was partly completed. Delivery went very smoothly.

For now, Mike is using the storage shed to store lawn tools and supplies, not for a shop. With the doors open, they have room to use the shed as a sitting area where they enjoy iced tea or hot coffee. The vents in the roof keep the temperature regulated even in a Texas summer. They’ve added skirting and encircled the shed with a gravel bed and planted Texas sage and nandina bushes. 

“We got our money’s worth with Ulrich,” Mike says. “This is what we wanted. This is the way I wanted it built. We’re still enjoying it, three years after we bought it.”

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