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Storage Shed Looks Like a Little Cottage

Updated: Mar 19

Krista Madigan needed a storage shed so she could get yard and pool equipment out of her garage. As she compared various shed builders online, Ulrich Barn Builders was unique in their building quality and options for customizing their sheds. Ulrich storage sheds looked like finished buildings rather than utilitarian sheds.

Working with an Ulrich designer, Krista says they took features from the Craftsman Elite and the Elite Gardener styles and molded them into one 12×20 Elite series building. Her designer kept in touch with Krista throughout the design process, sending pictures and new ideas. He reminded her that whatever she wanted in a building, Ulrich could accommodate–paint colors, window and door placement, and the details that make the building pretty.

Because of HOA regulations, the storage shed was built on site. Despite some delay because of rain and freezing weather, it only took three days to build. Then the Madigans had electricity installed and landscaping added around the shed.

The loft used in many Ulrich sheds was a deciding factor for Krista, providing lots of storage while freeing up floor space to work in. The Madigans have made good use of the building, storing their sporting, camping, and golf gear, equipment for pool and yard maintenance, and outdoor holiday decorations there.

Krista’s favorite features of the shed are the trim around the windows and doors, the dormers, and the cupola with a weather vane. It finishes off a yard space that would otherwise be boring and plain. Krista says, “Instead of it being a shed or utility building, it looks like a little house, a little cottage. It adds charm and character to the backyard.”

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