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Storage Shed vs Storage Unit

Updated: Mar 18

Martha’s storage journey starts out like so many. About seven years ago, when she was moving to her new house, she needed some extra space for her things. So she began renting a storage unit, thinking she might need it for a year or two. 

That’s been about seven years ago. When mice invaded the storage unit, Martha had enough. It was time to get her own backyard storage shed.

But here’s the smart part. Instead of paying rent on a storage unit she’ll never own, Martha decided to purchase her own shed using one of Ulrich’s financing options. The financing allows her to have more storage space, right by her backdoor, for about the same money she was spending each month on her rental unit.

With help from an Ulrich internet consultant, Martha settled on a Heritage, 10 feet wide and 16 feet long. This will give her about 160 sq ft of storage space. She selected a beige color that would be reasonably close to the color of her home. Since her gate was too narrow for a fully constructed shed, she chose Ulrich’s on-site option.

On a warm Friday morning in June, Bob the Ulrich builder arrived at Martha’s home with what looked like a pile of lumber and assorted items on the back of his trailer. As the day progressed, Bob transformed the boards and buckets of paint into a pretty beige and white shed.

Martha now has a tough, beautiful Ulrich shed only steps from her back door. Over time, this shed will become completely hers. In the meantime, she has a bigger, more convenient space. That is what I call smart!

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