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Studio Shed Moves To Tennessee: “Nothing like it.”

Updated: Mar 20

Studio Shed Moves 300 Miles to Tennessee

Steve Mickley couldn’t bear to leave it behind. As a master craftsman turning out specialized wood bowls he needed his tools.  And he needed his studio shed.  So when he decided to move from the Arnold Valley of Virginia to the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, there was no option: the shed had to go along.

The Birth of a Studio Shed

Two years earlier, when Mr. Mickley of Elk Creek Studios moved into the Arnold Valley, he needed a shed to set up his studio.  He looked around.  But being a master craftsman himself, he found it hard to be content with an average shed to work his craft.  He was nearly ready to get a contractor in to build him a shed, when a brother-in-law intervened.  Mr. Mickley wasn’t convinced, but he was willing to humor him.  Here, he tells the story. (Note: Byler is now an Ulrich Lifestyle company.)

A Ton of Equipment–Really!

After the shed was delivered, Mr. Mickley wired, insulated, and lined it with drywall. He equipped his studio shed with the power equipment that he used to sell. It’s heavy-duty, cast-iron, top-of-the-line equipment. He estimates that the tools alone weighed 2000-3000 pounds. And that doesn’t include the wood blanks that he stored inside. It’s a lot to ask of a shed, but he couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Here, he explains.

“Drag it down!”

When the time came to move to Tennessee, Mr. Mickley had to figure out what he would do for a studio shed in the Smokies. He couldn’t find anything that met his expectations. He called Bylers and inquired about moving it…from Virginia to Tennessee. There was silence on the other end for a while. Finally, he was told, “That’s going to be a very expensive move!” Mr. Mickley went over what it would take to replace his studio shed. He explained to Dan, our operations manager, “There’s nothing like this on the market. Drag it down!” In the next video, Mr. Mickley tells why his studio shed had to go with him.

Safely Home

Mr. Mickley’s studio shed is now safely nestled in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. He’s more convinced than ever that a Byler shed is as tough as they come. In reporting how the shed fared in the move from Virginia, he said it had “not so much as a crack in the drywall that I have to repair.”

Thanks, Mr. Mikley! We’re proud of Byler Barns, too. Your wood turning is truly lovely, and we wish you the best of success as you continue your artisan work.

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