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Shed maintenance

Best Painted Sheds–What Makes A Quality Paint Job?

Are you looking for a quality painted shed? Or wondering whether there is such a thing? When it comes to the quality of a painted shed, knowing the difference between OK and GREAT is not just a hush-hush insiders’ secret. Here, a professional painter gives you two tips to look for if you want …

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Horse Barn Delivery

FAQ | The Delivery Process

Bought a barn that’s about to be delivered, but have a few questions? We have a few blog posts about the delivery process already, but this post is specifically to answer the questions we frequently hear from customers.

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Shed Permit signs

Do I Need a Permit for a Shed? | Building Permits for Sheds

Are you wondering whether you need a shed permit? Government red tape look like a hassle? It may not be nearly as bad as you think. In fact, many of the sheds we deliver do not need a building permit at all. In Virginia, you do not need a permit for any building that is smaller than 256 sq. feet. Keep in mind, however, that you still need …

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shingle installation

PROS and CONS of Shingle Shed Roofs

Shingles are America’s most popular roof. They are inexpensive and versatile. But like any other roofing material, they have their own sets of strengths and weaknesses. To make a smart, informed buying decision, you need to weigh the pros and cons of shingles. For starters…

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Why Ulrich may NOT be a Good Fit for You

YOU know it, and WE know it, and WE know that YOU know it–a Byler Barns shed isn’t the right shed for EVERYONE out there. There’s no such thing as the right shed for everyone.

So since you’re already wondering whether a Byler Barns shed is the right shed for you, we thought we’d help you figure out who it isn’t right for.

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Wedding--Happy Bride & Groom

How Getting a Shed is like Getting Married

Buying a storage building is a little getting married. The big day is coming, and you stress all the details that go with the perfect wedding…. What you’re probably giving less thought to is the fact that after a wedding comes a marriage, and a great marriage takes some maintenance.

Just like a great shed.

Shed buying wisdom starts by knowing what work your shed will be needing a few years down the road. Before you “tie the knot” with a shed builder, be sure you know what services you’ll need to keep your storage building in top condition in the future.

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5 Questions To Ask Your Shed Builder Before You Buy

Your choice of a shed builder will follow you well beyond the delivery of your new shed into your yard. Taking a bit of time to get acquainted with your options can save a lot of regret later. As you look around and talk to people, here are some questions to consider.

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